Friday, July 30, 2010

Professional Methods Vs Home Dermabrasion: Which One To Choose?

Anything done by a professional gives better results, are much expensive, done with sophisticated machines than home based methods. Be it profession massage therapy or microdermabrasion the results are always better than home massage or home kits. Then why these home kits are developed. There are three reasons; one professional microdermabrasion is too expensive and not affordable to everyone, the second reason is the technology used is different and hence completely a different sector of companies can get into the business, and lastly, many people naturally would like to try things at home from painting the car to training the dog.

Though the process is same in both home and professional ones, the methods used are completely different. While as said earlier, professional dermabrasion machines use either aluminum oxide crystals or multiple very small diamonds to do the job of removing the layer of dead cells from your epiderm, home microdermabrasion kits comes with home microdermabrasion creams which contains abrasives which do the job. The removed dead cells and aluminum oxide are removed by vacuum sucking in the professional ones while you need to clear the cream away after the process in home kits.

The home microdermabrasion also comes with applicators which are different from a plastic one to a more sophisticated ones which vibrates, rotates, and with different power settings. The main advantage of professional method other than technology is in this method the entire process will be made suitable to the individual after studying the skin type and expectations of the customer. As this is done by professionals, side effects are limited after the treatment.

But home microdermabrasion kits have their own advantages. They are very cheap and sometimes cheaper than a single session of professional dermabrasion. These can be used at your convenience. If you like the results you, this can become a part of your regular skin care routine. Skin ointments are also said to be more effective when used after a session of home dermabrasion. As these home kits are mass produced, they are suitable to average skin types, but as they are very cheap you can try a few along if possible with your friends and choose the one which is suitable to each one of you.

Having a home microdermabrasion kit with a small machine and creams which are very convenient to use and are handy is a nice idea. But which is the best one for me is the question everyone will have when it comes to buying a home microdermabrasion kit. There is no short cut method here, you have to use them to know whether they are for you or not. Skin care is very personal and that is the reason why there are so many brands and permanent customers to many of those brands.

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